Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Card Challenge & Our First Inspirational Muse

We have a couple really exciting things going on over at Pages In Time right now.  First off, there are a TON of new challenges going on!  Many of us are honoring Earth Day this month!  For my challenge, you will need to repurpose a piece of jewelry on your card.  I chose to cut apart a necklace and use the jewels on the crown, in the center of the flower as well as stringing part of the chain and remainder of the jewels across the card!  If you have some old jewelry lying around the house, then come join the fun!  You can find the challenge here!

Pages In Time has decided to feature an individul montly as our Inspirational Muse.  We will show why this individual is so instrumental in our creativity and how they are such an inspiration to us!  Our very first Inspirational Muse is, Irene Tan (scrapperlicious).  You can find her blog here:  Irene does AMAZING work!  She is so inspirational to me because she is not what I call a "product gobber"!  She is very creative & doesn't need to use a ton of product  on her page to make her work stand out!  Her work stands out because of her creativity and because of all of the different elements she adds to a page.  She is a wonderful inspiration!


  1. Love your piece, I hope to give this a try, too! Valerie

  2. PRETTY colors, love the punching and bird :)