Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have had two things on my mind lately:

1.  Christmas carols.  I keep finding myself singing these carols as I walk down the halls at work.  Maybe it has to do with the 110 degree heat index we have been facing.  I don't know why carols keep popping into my head like it is normal to be singing them!  City sidewalks, busy sidewalks (you are welcome, is it in your head now, too?).  Make no mistake, I hate winter!

2.  Monochromatic color palettes.  I am completely obsessed with all things white, ivory and amber.  I have so many projects on my mind right now that I don't want to use color in.  Did I somehow suffer color overload?  Either way, I'm going with it...inspiration is inspiration. 

I based this card off a sketch that Karen (fablady) presented to the Pages In Time Design Team.  I knew it was the perfect opportunity to act out on my obsession!  If you want to play along, here is the sketch:

 I know, I used a lot of creative freedom, but that's what it is about, right???  Inspiration!


  1. Beautiful card Traci - always follow your inner muse!